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  • This product is suitable for the iPhone, iPad and iPod
  • The alcohol tester is compact, delicate and very easy to carry
  • It has new detection technology which can accurately detect your alcohol intake
  • It has a LCD digital display, which in turn makes alcohol detection completely intuitive and effective
  • The product’s unique probe can effectively distinguish smoke, cola, coffee and other non-alcoholic gas interference
  • You can directly attach it to your device
  • Compatible with iPod; iPad and other hosts
  • Available in Black and White


This product is an alcohol tester designed for and powered by an iPhone, iPad & iPod. It is small, exquisite and delicate design plus it’s so easy to carry. It has a LCD digital display, which can make detection more precise and efficient and thanks to its unique detector, it can effectively identify cigarettes, coke, coffee smalls and prevent non alcohol gas from interfering with the detected result. You’ll experience a voice alarm function, when your alcohol level is excess and a buzzer will automatically alert you. There is no need to use a blowpipe, simply blow into air hole, it is clean and healthy and the perfect way to measure your alcohol intake. You’ll never need to install software/ download Apps to use this device; all it needs is the plug. The user manual can be found at the back of the packaging.