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Experiencing Clarise Wellness and Beauty

A Walk To Remember Nelson Mandela once said. That is the first thought that came through my mind when I saw Clarise wellness and beauty, the skincare clinic. My first sight was of white windows, swirling with an amazing logo. Clarity, origin of Clarise, the immediate connection I made when I saw that wonderful white window. As I opened the door, the smell of relaxation, the smell that welcomes all to the whimsical wonders the therapists inside can achieve.

As the smell of all the sensational aromas filled me up, I was greeted by Marquerette, the friendliest and welcoming person I have ever met, the who's who was sorted out by a glass counter; at the back of the counter was a shelf filled with a great range of products, mainly, Priori and SKN logic. White luxurious couches all around to give you ultimate comfort. As I walked through to my treatment room, number 1 of 4, was open especially for me. Great was my relief it that it didn't feel as awkward as it does walking in to a doctor's rooms.

My therapist left me alone for a couple of minutes to make myself comfortable and ready for the facial treatment. The soft amazing towels reminded me of the clarity again, clean and fresh! Something else also caught my eye, advanced equipment and products to make the best of me! Feeling safe and reassured of their professionalism, I eased onto the comfortable therapy bed. With eyes closed, the relaxing music calmed me down as my face was pampered, massaged and a full laser treatment.

After an hour of sheer indulgence my therapist walked me to the door where I was greeted with the same friendliness and professionalism I had right through the experience.

Clarise Wellness and Beauty is definitely a place that I will return to.


Clarise Wellness & Beauty

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