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  • Features:
  • Designed by human body engineering makes this a unique and patented design, beautiful and modern appearance
  • Two electronic pole patches built in
  • Deep infrared heated therapy
  • Magnetic therapy
  • A Micro-computer processer controls six treatment modes with 16 distinct therapeutic cycles
  • Stimulating the nerves surrounding of the cervical spine: promoting contraction, expanding and stretching of the cervical muscles


  • Neck therapy electrode patch device
  • The neck is the most important part of our body, different people endure different stresses, day by day. The incidences of neck illnesses are high, long time, recovering and recur very easily.
  • This Neck therapy electrode patch device and therapeutic massager is the most advanced and convenient product for neck and vertebra treatment at present. This product makes the low frequency electronic pulse current with some energy directly acting on the muscles on both sides of the neck and vertebra to stimulate the nerves in the neck, forcing the muscles on the neck to shrink and expand regularly, promote the blood circulation, relieving conglutination, diminishes inflammation and pain, effectively treating neck and vertebra issues.