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Receive a Colon Hydrotherapy treatment from COLON CLARITY CLINIC PLUS 30MIN HOT STONE BACK MASSAGE from SHAROXY BEAUTY SPAColon Clarity Clinic - the leading colon hydrotherapy salon in La Lucia, Umhlanga, providing safe, discreet spa treatments including colonic irrigation, nutritional advice and body function monitoring, such as blood sugar and blood pressure.At the Colon Clarity Clinic we believe that true health and beauty come from deep within - if you feel better on the inside, you'll feel brighter and more invigorated on the outside. experience greater energy levels, better digestive processes, and improved skin and hair. Colonic irrigation can even aid weight loss, helping you to free yourself from inhibited digestive transit brought on by poor diet.While our bodies are designed to cleanse themselves, sometimes they need a little extra help, especially with the high meat, dairy and sugar diets of modern living. Our relaxing colon hydrotherapy treatments are designed to effectively flush out the colon with warm, filtered water that helps to break down waste which is then removed painlessly and disposed of instantly.The Colon Clarity Clinic is one of the foremost names for colon hydrotherapy in Umhlanga, and we combine our safe and straight-forward procedures with nutritional advice to help you maintain your body's natural balance. We'll discuss a personal program of colonic irrigation with you, and help you to increase your energy and vitality through efficient and effective detoxification. One of the benefits of colon hydrotherapy is that it aids the absorption of nutrients and vital minerals by the walls of your colon, promoting health and greater well-being.Our clients range from high-stress business people to busy parents with little time to themselves, and our colon cleaning offers a fast, effective detox that is done in relaxing and discreet surroundings by our certified Colon Hydro-therapist who has many years of experience as a medical professional.To book a treatment or for more information about colon cleaning, visit our Contact page now and call us, we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.Address:    Shop 3Northsands Centre5 Forest Drive    La Lucia, Umhlanga, KZNE-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Telephone: 073 263 6359Benefits of Colon HydrotherapyMost people feel better after having a colonic; however sufferers of the following conditions may find the procedure particularly beneficial:    Constipation    Diarrhea    Irritable Bowel Syndrome    Atonic (sluggish) Colon    Liver Sluggishness    Halitosis (bad breath)    Headaches    Mild cases of Hemorrhoids    Skin Problems (acne, eczema, allergies)    Bloating & Excess Wind (bad gas)    Fatigue Tension, Anxiety &/or Depression    Candida    Weight problems    Loss of Concentration (Foggy Brain Syndrome)
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SHAROXY BEAUTY SPA - Shop 3 Northsands Centre 5 Forest Drive La Lucia - KZN - and go in this address

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