English language course for 12 months - Durban

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  • Redeem before 26 December 2013 To redeem the First Certificate please visit:http://en.first-certificate.com/redeem To redeem the Pre-Intermediate course PET Certificate please visit:http://en.pet-certificate.com/redeem Groupon issued and valid once deal closes Subject to availability Terms and Conditions apply


  • Dynamic and interactive course
  • Receiving an online certificate
  • Exercises and in-depth lessons
  • An English language course for 12 months


English language course for 12 months
Unlike trying to light a fire in the rain, Groupies can learn like a child taking its first steps with a 12-month English language course without falling on their face. The dynamic and interactive course provides a great method for receiving an online certificate. Learn with exercises and in-depth lessons to gain confidence in the English language.
Choose between these options:
Pay R199 for a first certificate course, valued at R960
Pay R199 for a PET certificate, valued at R960
Pay R288 for a First certificate course + PET certificate, valued at R1 920

What you need to know:
Our team of native English teachers and 40 years of experience are your key to success
40.000 students
With LP First Certificate and PET Certificate you will work out your grammatical base
Necessary to develop Writing, reading and speaking skills
Increase English skills and learn the concepts and rules
More About Linguapuncture

Linguapuncture, the company behind these successful courses is determined to teach English to people in every corner of the world at a good price, because we believe that learning English should not be difficult nor expensive, and it’s for this reason that our course is successfully selling in 4 different continents.

Our course has 28 lessons that contain all the grammar needed to understand the communicate on a daily basis whether it’s for work, travel, education, etc...

Each lesson intends to practice specific exercises to assimilate what they have studied and consolidate the knowledge of the lesson.

Features and Benefits:

1. Easy to use interface: We believe in simple things that work, it’s designed not to confuse the student and have a design and content easy and intuitive.

2. Online course: You can access it from any computer with an Internet connection, requires no installation or CDs be lost.

3. Personal Progress Tracking: You have a display with detailed statistics of your progress. This will help you to work harder on your weaknesses because you will see the mistakes you've made and never make them again.

4. Immediate error correction: When you make a mistake we give you the correct answer on the spot, and just after the exercise we give you a summary of all your mistakes.

5. Free updates: Because we care about you and your future, we are continually developing new content and improving our learning system so that English is never a problem for you.

6. Email Management: We provide you with this tool that lets you receive by email a summary of the lesson by helping you to periodically review or start a lesson, access directly to the practice of the exercises or the entire lesson.

7. A gift from us: Get a free 3 month Premium account to Papora.com - Papora is a globally accessible social language learning platform dedicated to providing you with the resources that you need to become fluent in your chosen foreign languages. Practice speaking, writing, reading and listening with native speakers.

First-certificate The LP has sold more than 60,000 courses in the last year alone, with users in France, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia among other countries.