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  • The real beauty of this fan is the ability to adjust the flow seamlessly all the way up to full power, so you can use it on your desk and have a gentle, even flow keeping your face cool. Place it further away, turn up the power and turn on the oscillation to reach the entire room.The variation in speed means you can get the perfect flow of air rather than having to choose speed 1, 2 or 3.Safe, especially for use with children - no danger of them putting their fingers or anything else in the spinning blades!Stocks are Limited and will be available for 24hours or until sold out!Delivery Time: Products are 'In Stock' and will be dispatched the next working day. Please allow a minimum 7 Working days for delivery!However we despatch from Gauteng so deliveries in Gauteng are quicker.Reasonable T&Cs Apply - e.g. the goods need to be in original condition and be returned with the original packaging. See our full T&Cs.We are committed Hook, Line and Sinker to your Satisfaction!


With this searing heat we are thrilled to have received another shipment of these very popular bladeless fans.
This stylish fan has no visible blades, it will not only provide a steady flow of air, but its amazing contemporary design will add value to the style of your home.
It has no blades and this meansno buffeting air, just aconstant stream of smooth air!
So no more ugly fans in your home in 2013 :)
Size:30cm Diameter and 50cm overall height, runs on 220V mains power!