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Deal by Flook on Local Services - SaveMe - Save 50% on a Full Club Assessment from Golf Science - take your golf to the next level

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R 250.00

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  • Golf Science's custom fitters will assess your equipment in the following five major areas:
  • Head Type suitability;
  • Shaft Recommended
  • Swing Speed Rating (RSSR) & Bend Profile of your existing shafts;
  • Playing Length of all your clubs; Your correct Grip Size; The best Feel Weight of your clubs (Swing Weight or MOI balancing)
  • You will know all of your key equipment specifications
  • Bookings essential – please phone 021 511 9066
  • Business hours Monday - Friday (9am - 5 pm)
  • Please quote your Flook Ticket number when making your booking, and hand in your Ticket when redeeming the deal.
  • Flook Ticket valid until 1 December 2012 - but you will want to go in sooner for sure!!
  • Excludes any equipment changes required
  • Golf Science Terms & Conditions apply


  • You could be playing with the wrong equipment set up!
  • Yes you can improve by getting fitted correctly
  • Improve distance, accuracy, trajectory and feel
  • Achieve optimum launch angles from your equipment
  • Assess your equipment and swing characteristics & get a plan to shoot lower scores!
  • Save 50% on full set analysis from Golf Science
  • Check your loft, lie, length, grip size, head weight, feel weight, shaft flex & bend profile
  • Just R250 for a 2-3 hour session, including full set analysis and swing analysis
  • Minimise faults and maximise consistency
  • Receive a swing analysis and a plan of action for enhancing your game
  • Improve your performance via your equipment and your swing


Get a full golf set analysis, minimise faults and maximise consistency for optimum results – and save 50% on the normal price.
Golf Science is offering Flook subscribers a 50% saving off a full set analysis, including testing and measuring all clubs, examining equipment and formulating a plan of improvement. The 2-3 hour session will cost just R250, and will not only assess players’ sets, but also their swings, ensuring that a complete plan of improvement may be formulated.
Get the results you want on the golf course. Snap up this great Flook deal now, and pay just R250 for a full set analysis with Golf Science.
About Golf Science
Golf Science specialises in professional club fitting, professional club-making, and teaching with accredited professionals. Golf Science believes that in order to maximise any golfer’s full potential, whether beginner or professional, all three areas of the game need to be addressed.
From an assessment that Golf Science will develop with each client, a unique plan will be designed to meet clients’ individual needs.
Custom fitting is building a club designed to match a player’s swing characteristics. This enables players to hit the ball straighter and longer with better consistency and accuracy.
After the assessment/fitting process, clients are given a recommendation as to what changes would best suit their needs. A range of options are offered to suit players’ budgets. These plans will help to enhance players’ overall performance on the course by improving their distance, accuracy and consistency.


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