Pay R450 for the Cleaning of a Six-seater Lounge suite from Target Cleaning (worth R900) - Cape Town

Deal by Wicount on Local Services - SaveMe - Pay R450 for the Cleaning of a Six-seater Lounge suite from Target Cleaning (worth R900)

R 450.00

Discount from 50%

R 900.00

R 450.00

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  • One Wicount per person.
  • Multiples may be purchased as gifts.
  • Will travel 30km radius from Bellville
  • Booking essential on 0720923875 or .
  • Please ensure that the rooms are clear of items and breakables so that the cleaners can work swiftly and efficiently.
  • For best results HOT water is required.
  • On receipt of your voucher email the merchant for your booking to be confirmed
  • 36 hour cancellation applicable.
  • Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm
  • Valid until 31 October 2013


Here's The Deal
Are your couches starting to embarrass you? You know when you have dinner guests and they are having a little browse around your house and as they are about to enter a new room you scream (in slow motion), “Nooooooooo!” slamming the door in their faces and saying, “Don’t go in there. I’ve been cutting out pieces for my scrapbook and it’s such a mess” LIE! You don’t even have a scrap book. You panicked and your brain feverishly searched for the first possible excuse. Little do your guests know that there is a big brown stain in the centre of the couch from where the cat pooped and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get it out.
Not to worry because we have a great deal for you that will return your couches to their former glory. Now you can be proud of your pristine clean lounge suite and open up all the doors when you have visitors.
Pay R450 for the cleaning of a six-seater lounge suite, valued at R900. Make sure that your couches aren’t a constant point of embarrassment and ensure that your home is clean and presentable with this great deal.
Count Wi says:
“Cat? Try mountain lion!”

Target Cleaning
26 Alleyne Street
Western Cape


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Target Cleaning - 26 Alleyne Street- Western Cape - Bellville - 0 - 720923875 - and go in this address

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