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Deal by Wicount on Home & Decor - SaveMe - Stirs As You Cook! R119 for a Stir Crazy / Robo Stir, Automatic Hands-Free Stirrer including National delivery (worth R240)

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  • To arrange delivery, please complete your delivery address on the online form viewed after clicking the "Buy Button".
  • Includes national delivery by courier.
  • Delivery takes approximately 14 - 30 days, depending on delivery area, upon deal closing.
  • Limited availability.
  • Multiples may be purchased.
  • Valid until 30 April 2013


  • Stirs your food automatically at the simple touch of a button
  • Great for gravy, soups, stews, sauces and more
  • Can stir for up to 4 hours
  • A robust, practical and totally waterproof design
  • Nationwide delivery included
  • Ideal as a gift


Here's The Deal
Remember all those times you were asked to help out in the kitchen? You bounded into that culinary theatre with excitement and a sense of importance only to be given menial tasks like ‘hold the spoon’ or ‘stir the gravy.’ The latter has just become a whole lot more interesting, thanks to the revolutionary Stir Crazy/Robo Stir Automatic Hands-Free Stirrer. Today, one of these amazing units could be yours for just R199, instead of the usual R240!
We have never understood the Artificial Intelligence debate. Human error is an embarrassing fact, so why not bring on the machines? They are helpful, make things easier and only try to take over the world when Tom Cruise is nearby. Machines are a massive help in the kitchen, offering an extra set of hands as we prepare our meals. This is where the Stir Crazy/Robo Stir Automatic Hands-Free Stirrer enters the culinary equation. This easy-to-use, futuristic gadget automatically stirs your food as you cook, making it perfect for creating soups, stews, sauces and more. It is a strong, waterproof and practical addition to your kitchen that promises to revolutionise the way you approach meals.
We say invite some excitement into your kitchen today by employing a robot. You will not be disappointed.

Count Wi says:
"Isn’t Robo Stir the next Will Smith Movie?"

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