Get in shape this summer! Butt trimmer with Evox Hydrocuts from R150 including delivery - Cape Town

Deal by UbuntuDeal on Health & Beauty - SaveMe - Get in shape this summer! Butt trimmer with Evox Hydrocuts from R150 including delivery

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  • The Figure Trimmer features unique smooth pivoting motion which allows you to work your lateral abdominal muscles with ease
  • Twist your figure back in to shape
  • Helps to slim the thighs, waist and hips.
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness.
  • Figure Trimmer is with 4 magnetic acupressure points on each foot can also be used as a Waist Exercise Twister
  • Materials: ABS plastic, Steel ball
  • The Magnetic Figure Twister is portable and easy to store
  • Non slip foot pad. Base can provide feet massage as well.
  • About 10.7" in diameter, 1 1/16" in thick
  • You can exercise with various dancing styles matching music beats of your favour
  • Colour: orange
  • Weight: 749g
  • Figure Butt Trimmer includes 1 bottle of Evox hydrocuts


About Figure Butt Trimmer

Add some flavour into your training with this exercise is excellent for developing the muscular butt and waist and legs, this Figure Trimmer is the ideal accessory to help you keep fit and get in shape. It is small and compact, so easy to store and does not take a lot of space to use it. To help you reduce you fat to body ratio it includes a bottle of Evox hydrocuts. Get Ripped with the Hydro Cuts Strip V2 a potent formula packed with key fat burning ingredients like caffeine, guarana, hydroxy citric acid and green tea. It is an ideal thermogenic supplement for all athletes and dieters looking to shed body weight and get ripped. Thyro-stim complex and app-control V2 complex make up our supreme thermo ripping formula. This complex targets receptors to mobilize brown fat cells and increase energy levels. Our Appe- control V2 complex helps control appetite as well as absorption of essential nutrients needed to maintain a healthy slender body.