Chrisna's Trio of Olive Jars - Cape Town

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  • Three different varieties of homemade olives – one flavoured with garlic and herbs, one with lemongrass and thyme and one smoked.


So what do these lovingly marinated olives taste like? Pretty spectacular, to be honest. There are three varieties here: the beautiful purple Garlic and Herb Olives, the rich mustard coloured Spanish Green Olives (with lemongrass and thyme) and the deep aubergine coloured Smoked Olives. Each has their own unique flavour, and they’re surprisingly diverse (but uniformly large, which I like!)

The Garlic and Herb Olives (cultivar mission) have a great depth of flavour with the subtle herbs (bay, rosemary and oregano) and garlic coming through on the palate. These would be great for cooking, especially in pastas. The Spanish Green olives (cultivar manzilla) are by far the most flavourful of the trio, fresh and juicy, and just bursting with lemongrass and thyme. It’s a powerful herb flavour that would be wonderful in a martini. And the Smoked Olives (cultivars kalamata and nocellara), my personal favourite, have a fantastic smokey richness – full flavoured and robust enough to be eaten alone, as a starter.

Do yourself a favour – find out what olives are really supposed to taste like.


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