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  • Amazing 24 x Amigos Tequila Flavoured Beer 330ml


Amigos Tequila Flavoured Beer is described as a serious beer with a fun personality! South African’s were first greeted with the imported beverage 6 months ago making it the first tequila beer to hit our shores.

You’ll find it a very refreshing beer with notes of South American limes and real Mexican tequila.

it’s a Pale Ale made from malted barley, making it low in carbs; so it’s good for the ol’ figure and with a low abv of 4.6% it’s perfect for those summer afternoons lazing at the poolside…with your amigos!

so whether you looking for something zesty or just want to show your mates you’re on the pulse of the South African beer culture, get your hands on this fantastic beer at an amazing 5ounces price.

- Warwick Denman (Beer Procurement Specialist)


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