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  • If you ask me, there’s no more perfect summer drink than a glass of ice-cold cordial. For starters, it’s much healthier than juice or soft drinks (there’s way less sugar in it), but more importantly – it’s delicious! Really delicious. This pack of three cordials will ensure that you’ll have enough flavour to last the whole season, and if you get tired of mixing them with still or sparkling water (the old fashioned way), you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a little cocktail recipe card attached to the box, so you can make everything from Elderberry Martinis to Snap Dragons and Fuzzy Devils. yum!
  • each of these cordials has its own special flavour, and odds are you’ll have a favourite. Mine has to be the Lemon Cordial, a subtle, light, refreshing drink, especially when served with freshly crushed mint. That said, the Rose Cordial is a gorgeous pale pink colour and has a beautifully fragrant flavour – it would make the perfect party drink. And the Elderberry Cordial is the most unique of the trio, with a full flavour that’s really satisfying. Luckily, you won’t have to choose between the three, because this deal includes all of them! Here’s to a refreshing summer…



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