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  • Please email deal@ubuntubridge.co.za with your coupon and let us know whether you want the XHOSA or ZULU Level 1 materials.
  • Coupon valid until 25 July 2012


All About Ubuntu Bridge

Ubuntu Bridge is a social enterprise, or what are becoming known as an impact enterprise. We run as a business, but our bottom line is about positive social impact and change, as well as financial sustainability.

We believe there needs to be a shift in the concept of transformation and a balance needs to be found. We bring more awareness, understanding and integration of the wisdom and beauty of African cultures into all levels of society in a way that is approriate and practical for our times.

We train and employ young and fresh Xhosa facilitators whose energy and enthusiasm inspire and motivate the learners.

Our materials are in process of being SETA accredited and known widely as an excellent place to start learning about Xhosa and, well, about being African.

Combining with Craig's belief in the beauty and wisdom of rural, indigenous communities, we hope to encourage micro-business in the form of language focussed home stays in both the traditional rural areas and the townships of South Africa, bringing income into under-resourced areas and generating the self-worth that comes from active engagement in one's own culture, teaching, and generating sustainable income and business models for oneself and one's community.

Watch this video of Craig Charnock's recent Ted talk on African language learning at the TedX on Education: