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  • Includes 40 coffee capsules
  • The four blends: Dolcemente, Deliziosamente, Cremosamente and Appassionamente (10 of each)
  • Receive two espresso cups and saucers
  • Tailor-made Italian coffee
  • Electronically controlled coffee volume and temperature
  • Ideal as a gift or for yourself


Pay R1 999 for Lavazza A MODO MIO premium coffee machine with capsules, cups and saucers, including delivery, valued at R2 999
Ready to reward taste buds and puffy eyes with a fresh start when the rooster crows, the elegant Lavazza A MODO MIO coffee machine helps keep mugs half full. Equipped with electronically controlled coffee volume and temperature functions, the striking machine boasts a simple, intuitive interface, ready to make the most of every Lavazza A MODO MIO capsule. The nifty contraption is loaded with a hot water function for tea-making and emergency filling up of hot-water bottles, and comes tapping with a 0.9-litre tank. With 40 capsules in four delicious blends, and two espresso cups and saucers included in the Italian masterpiece, Groupies can be assured that all caffeine requirements are met in style.

More about Lavazza A MODO MIO
The A MODO MIO blends follow the philosphy of professional espresso coffee blends. Accurate selection of raw materials allows the creation of high-quality blends, especially suited to this type of extraction.

All the rules to obtain a professional espresso coffee have been followed faithfully complying with temperature, pressure and coffee extraction parameters. This is why quality in the cup is always guaranteed, from the first to the last espresso.

The degree of grinding contributes to the preparation of an excellent espresso. Lavazza adopted an exclusive technological process that ensures making a perfect espresso coffee cup in 25 seconds of extraction time.

You are the heart of the A MODO MIO system. This is why Lavazza provides you with a coffee machine designed to be easily handled and with no margin of error. One simple gesture and your espresso is always perfect. Yours is the pleasure to taste it, just as you like it whenever you want.

These are the distinctive traits of the best-loved world-famous Italian espresso. Unmistakable pleasure, a ritual and a style which Lavazza has made its own becoming a symbol for coffee the Italian way. Espresso means "made quickly" and indicates the speed at which coffee under pressure is extracted and served in a cup, resulting in a concentrated and intense aroma.

This is the gold standard that sets espresso apart from the other preparation methods. The extraction and emulsion method of A MODO MIO results in a perfectly dense and tasty cream. The ideal cream must be compact, persistent and the color of hazelnut. It must never be foamy, fleeting, too light or too dark.

A MODO MIO guarantees a full and balanced body thanks to the careful selection of blends at the origin and the exclusive extraction method that only brings excellence to your cup of coffee. The body, structure or fullness, is the perceived sensation of the drink's density, oiliness and viscosity, linked to the concentration of dissolved substances. The body of the coffee should be distinguished from the strength of aromatic and tasting sensations. The taste of coffee is determined by four basic parameters: bitter, sour, salty and sweet. The prevalence of one or the other depends in great measure on the composition of the blend.

A Modo Mio espresso's aroma is the result of a process conducted in a workmanlike manner. The true perfume of an espresso made in a workmanlike manner. The aromatic sensations are varied: at times they are reminiscent of flowers, dry fruit, chocolate. The aromas are perceived by directly sniffing the steam issuing from the cup. The aromatic substances continue to issue from the liquid coffee, from the cup and during tasting.

The quality of an excellent espresso coffee also depends on the item that hosts it: the cup. The A MODO MIO cup faithfully complies with the parameters of shape and ability to preserve the purity of the original taste.
The cup should have a maximum capacity of 70 ml, a truncated conical shape, and should be pre-heated at a temperature of about 35°-40°C. In this way the cream will be compact and warm, enclosing in itself and enhancing the aromatic characteristics and flavors of the coffee.

What you need to know:
Functions exclusively with Lavazza A MODO MIO capsules
Automatic ejection of used capsules
Simple, intuitive interface
Backlit buttons
Hot water function for making tea
Adjustable-height cup-support rack
Tray fits 10 used capsules
Removable water tank is 0.9 litres
Normal or long espresso option
Electronically controlled coffee volume
Electronically controlled temperature
Stainless steel boiler
15 bar pressure pump
ABS casing
Size (W x H x D) 235 x 330 x 305 mm
Weight is 5 kilograms
Power consumption/Voltage is 1050W230V - 50Hz