Collective or group-buying is an e-commerce model that promotes incredible discounts from different establishments, when a minimum amount of people show interest in buying the offer.

When this minimum offer is reached by the deadline specified by the relevant site, the deal is activated and you as the shopper, receive your coupon to use the deal.

With so many great bargains on many different sites, Group-buying on the Internet becomes a sort of big shopping centre and you have to know where to go and ‘enter’ every store, needing to generally re-register at every site. This creates way too many emails and confusing deals for one to keep track, of what you’d really like to buy.

SaveMeDeals.com is an aggregator of these coupon sites, i.e. a portal that displays all the advertised DEALS on the collective buying and club SITES in one place.

We help you the user, save time, money and effort by finding all the best deals for you. One site and one email to see them all.

Another price and time saver, brought to you by PriceCheck.co.za, South Africa's leading price comparison site.

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